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Working From Home

ProStudy acknowledges that circumstances may arise, necessitating employees and workers to engage in remote work. This policy has been developed to ensure the viability of working from home for our staff, promoting mutual benefits for both employees and the company. We recognize our responsibility to regularly assess the hazards and risks inherent in our business operations. While working from home falls under the umbrella of flexible working, it’s crucial for employees to understand that not all aspects of flexible working, such as modified working hours, are automatically included in a remote work arrangement.

For the purposes of this policy, flexible working refers to the office being the primary workplace, with occasional work from home permitted only in exceptional circumstances. Any requests for flexible home working must be submitted in writing to a Director. Reasons for occasional remote work may include:

  • Lengthy commutes
  • Family commitments (parenting, caregiving)
  • Medical reasons
  • Dividing time between office work and a remote location (site-based)
  • Unforeseen circumstances beyond ProStudy’s control, such as a pandemic or fire

Directors and employees must also consider the following factors:

  • Does the nature of the employee’s role allow for remote work?
  • What cybersecurity and data privacy challenges may arise from remote working?
  • Will collaboration with other team members be affected?
  • Do employees have access to the necessary equipment and software?
  • Is the employee’s home suitable as a conducive working environment?

After careful consideration of the above factors, if the Directors are satisfied that the employee can maintain a high standard of work from home, the request may be approved. In the event that a flexible working request is not approved, employees have the right to appeal in writing to a Director. If an employee or worker is compelled to work from home due to circumstances such as illness or inability to commute, they should adhere to the ProStudy procedure for absences, and approval should be sought from a Director.

Review: This policy will undergo a review at least annually.